Friday, December 27, 2019

Happy Holidays from Sedona

   2019 is coming to a close. Like last year, it has been a year of ups and downs. Moments of happiness as well as sorrow.  Smiles and tears.
After 17 years of fun packed days, our little Cookie died in March.  She was the joy of each of my days including her last one. Anyone who has a dog, who loves their pets and has lost one, can understand how hard this has been for Mike and me. It has taken us months to get over our years of “Cookie habits”. Our home seems lonely and empty without her. She was such a spunky little girl. We are considering getting another “furry four legged child” in the near future….hope so.

   On the bright side of life, Mike and I have taken several road trips in Arizona and Utah this year. We explored Bryce Canyon, Zion, Capitol Reef, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Amazing sights and tons of photos.  I enjoy making photo books, and now have an abundance of new material to organize and work on.
    I also made several trips to Ohio to visit my family. My Dad turned 92 this year and although he has many health issues he never tires of playing cards, talking politics, watching movies, and dining on good food. Right now he is in a rehab center working to regain strength in his legs. I am praying he will be able to walk and return home. My Mom, who turned 88, has had a difficult year. She fell and broke her wrist quite severely this Fall and is still recovering. I am thankful that I am retired ( YEA!!!) and could be there to help my sisters take care of my parents and deal with the issues involved in their care.
   This year we had a bunch of visits by friends and family. These are times we look forward to and have tons of fun during the visits. Sedona is a beautiful place with multitudes of things to see and do. Hiking and jeeping are still on the top of our list. No shortage of places to explore.
    Mike continues to improve the beauty of our little yard and we both love spending time in it. We are grateful for our health and ability to do the things we  enjoy. Once again, I am reminded that each day is a gift from the Lord for me to treasure and to love those He has surrounded me with. Dogs included!
                                         Thanking the Lord for a blessed year.
                                          Have a joy filled Christmas Season!!