Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding Bells

 Last week Mike and I traveled to Ohio to attend my oldest nephew Tim's wedding. Tim and his new bride Gena met years ago when my sister Sherri, after working with Gena at a health food store, fixed them up. Every mother's dream. Years have gone by, Tim and Gena have finished college, began their careers, and finally decided to “tie the knot”. The wedding was held outside at a beautiful old country estate.  After storming all week, the weather ended up being perfect  the wedding day. The reception was held outside afterwards with plenty of delicious food, music, dancing, and fun!

Gena and Tim, Man and Wife

Dancing the night away!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Upside Down

Sometimes I just feel helter-skelter, here and there, this way and that way, approach and avoid, sure and uncertain, happy and sad....basically UPSIDE DOWN. This is one of those moments, and though I don't want to feel this way, don't know why I do the fact is I do. It will pass, I know, and the "Real Kathie" will emerge but until then this picture expresses my postion.