Saturday, June 14, 2008

This and That

Gosh it has been a month since my last post and several things have taken place. Nothing earth shattering, but worth mentioning.

1. Mike built the shed in ONE day. Yes, it came in a box ready to be put together, BUT he still had to read the book of directions and follow them, not any mans strong suit. It required a bit of MY input, of course, on how to arrange the tools and equipment so they look "nice" …but Mike gets most of the credit. It has now been in use for 3+ weeks and the convenience of getting at all the yard stuff has made the investment worth it.

2.Tree damage- the high winds in our area last week caused a small disaster in our backyard bringing down several large tree branches. One fell on the roof (no real damage thankfully) , and the other on landscaping.( Last year we lost a huge tree, our fence, and a bunch of shrubs in a severe storm). Mike and I labored all morning cutting and bundling up the tree and then hauling it to the street for pick up. We were in and out of the shed getting our tools. Very handy. Though we managed to get the mess cleaned up we were so exhausted that we didn't get many other things done. We had pictured our day off as laying on the couch watching a couple of movies and napping! No such luck. Our joints are still aching! We were looking forward to visiting my family for a week of leisure...only...

3. My parents called to inform us they are moving to a retirement community not too far from their current home, Sycamore Glen. They won’t have to take care of the outside (yard, paint, roof, snow removal, etc) which is wonderful since their yard now is quite large and much work for Big Daddy. Mike and I are going to Ohio to help them pack up and get ready for this big event. As I mentioned, our visit was originally just about having fun with my family, playing cards, eating, laying on the couch watching movies, and napping. I guess manual labor is going to be the reality however, just like the shed and tree removal projects above. Ha!

I am excited about seeing their new place.

The picture of the outside is beautiful and appears
huge. I guess it is not an older age "downsize".

It has 3 bedrooms and a full walk-out basement.
Plenty of storage for all those things that they don't want to part with, and needless to say I will be packing!