Saturday, November 17, 2018


  February 15,2018. Sometimes unexpected life circumstances  hit me in my gut, taking my breath away, bringing me to my knees, causing me to look up and ask the Lord, "Why?".  Today is one of those days. My sister Debbie just found out that her husband Mark is full of cancer and it has moved to his brain.
  So many questions flood my being. Mark had just gotten a clean bill of health after having a multitude of tests run. He had broken his collarbone a month or so ago, and then a couple of his ribs. The doctors didn't know what caused that and put him through numerous tests...x-ray, blood work, bone scans, cancer tests, on and on. Verdict, nothing wrong. Good to go.
Since he was still having some pain, the doctor gave him muscle relaxants and pain meds. After taking 3 days of the muscle relaxant he became delirious, hallucinating, slurring his speech and unable to walk. I told Debbie to stop the drug and wait. After 48 hours he was clear thinking again and feeling pretty good, but still unable to stand up and walk. Two more days passed and still not able to walk.
 Debbie had the ambulance take him to the hospital this morning for assessment. Why can't he walk?
CANCER.  Everywhere.
What about that clean bill of health????

  They have both been thru so much. Debbie's ex-husband being in a car wreck that left him in a coma for six months, and then brain damaged. She nursed him back to health for several years until he became violent.  Her son Billie who was born with a chronic condition had to go thru numerous surgeries from the time he was a child. She cared for him for years. He died at 18 due to complications. Now, Mark.
 The Lord deals us each a different hand. A hand that He wants to use so that we may come to know Him up close and personal in our circumstances and glorify Him. His ways our perfect, even when things seem so devastating and beyond comprehension.
 My heart breaks for them and the pain they are experiencing. Mentally I know we live in a fallen, depraved world. A world where satan is prince. Where life is really a blink of the eye. Eternity looms ahead. Forever.  Our destiny is in the Lord's hands. Christ my Savior has promised me and inheritance with Him. What could be better? Nothing.  In my earthly circumstances I still cry out....Why?

Meanwhile, I pray for the salvation of my loved ones.....

Mike, Debbie, Mark in Hawaii 2010