Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year's Day-Winter Wonderland.

 A dream come true. During our numerous visits to Sedona beginning in 2000, I have been amazed at the indescribable beauty of the Red Rocks glowing in the sun, BUT, I have only seen pictures  of  of the area covered in snow. They look awesome. Since it does not snow much here, and when it does it melts quickly due to the intensity of the sun, you have to luck out to be around when such an event happens. This New Year's Day 2015 was that day for us. The entire day. WOW. The steady snow shower  began  the morning of the last day 2014. It snowed continuously with NO sun popping out until 9 a.m. New Year's Day morning after accumulating eight inches of glorious powder. Then came the sun. Mike and I, dressed in our warmest snow gear, armed with our cameras, piled in the jeep and went exploring. The views were out of this world. Exquisite. Enchanting, Breathtaking. Colorful. No words or pictures can capture our whole experience of  those 7 hours of prowling the area. One day later the white fluff was gone leaving the red rocks naked once more. How thankful I am for the chance to enjoy those snow filled hours.
A dream come true. 

Under Thundermountain at Posse Ground Park.

Mike taking photo of Bear Mountain off Dry Creek Road. 

Unusual spire formations near Broken Arrow.

Our front yard under 8 inches of power.

Alpine glow on the mountains at the end of the day. Taken from our back deck.

Near Doe Mountain.

Thundermountain later in the day. Snow has begun to disappear.

Wilson Mountain.

Coffee Pot rock.