Sunday, August 10, 2008

Girls' Day Out

This week I had the pleasure of spending a day with April and Cindy on a shopping adventure to Sam Moons in North Dallas. In my day to day life, venturing further than a 5 mile radius from my home is a rarity (except for work-21 miles). Obviously I have a rather “limited” life. I hate the 6 lane, “mix master”, high speed, adrenaline pumping, white knuckled, competitive driving that is required getting to Dallas to shop. So, I don’t go unless, of course, someone else offers to do the driving. Cindy generously made that offer this week and her daughter-in-law April and I jumped at the opportunity. Cindy is a most calm and confident driver, so we were able to sit back, relax and have girl talk for the hour drive. Sam Moons is one of those places everybody MUST visit who has a LIMITED budget and likes to accessorize with jewelry, purses, belts, and other cool stuff. Just like Sam Walton of Walmart, Sam Moon (is there really such a man?) had the right merchandise mix, the perfect location (unless you live in Arlington) and most of all the right PRICES when he built this little Chinatown empire. We arrived right after it opened and the parking lot was already teaming with cars and women swarming to begin their shopping spree. The three of us had our baskets loaded to overflowing after just our first pass thru the store. Then came the tough part requiring us to get "real" (even inexpensive things bought by the dozens equals lots of bucks) and scale our greed down to a manageable (affordable) amount. By the time we checked out we were exhausted from the shopping frenzy and needing some calories to regain our stamina. Burger King fit the bill. Here we indulged not only in "nutritional" burgers and fries but also in a time of “show and tell”. Unloading our bags of "booty" to check out , we “oooh and ahhhed” over our new purchased treasures with great pride and excitement. We beat the rush hour traffic home to rescue Donnie and Ryan from their “Boys Day of Babysitting” and snap a picture of the happy shoppers!