Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas 2013 in the Red Rocks!

Our slim Christmas tree.

This past year has flown by and as I predicted in my last Christmas letter it has been filled with adventure, stress, emotions of all sorts, fun, and CHANGES galore.
  Mike and I did quit our jobs, sell our home, get licensed as pharmacists in Arizona, buy a  smaller home  in Sedona, liquidate several rooms of furniture and “stuff”, pack up our belongings along with Biskit and Cookie and  finally made the journey across the country in July to our new life in the Red Rocks of Sedona.  Our dream come true!
   I will not bore you with the details….because there are VOLUMES..but just say things went fairly well considering all the issues that had to be addressed.
    We have been here almost 6 months and it is beginning to feel a little like home.  It is going to take me longer than I imagined to settle in and make new friends and routines. I actually missed working ( go figure) and  found a part time job in a pharmacy close to our home. Never thought I would be a retail pharmacist again but I am getting the hang of  it and enjoy the staff  and patients. The average age of  Sedona residents is there are plenty of seniors that need medication and help.  (Me included...I am now 60 years old and Mike 65!)
     Mike has been busy working on house projects especially the yard. Just as he made our Texas  home beautiful on the outside with his gardening skills, he is on his way to making this home picture perfect! 
     We bought a jeep as planned and have had a blast exploring the countless beautiful areas nearby. Arizona is full of trails, roads, canyons, and places to check out and Sedona is THE most spectacular area to begin. 
      I have found a wonderful church home with great people and preaching that is the highlight of my week. I plan to get involved with activities there as well as joining the local camera club and learning to capture the exquisite beauty of this area in photos.
     Hopefully this time next year Sedona will feel more like the home I want it to be. We are looking forward to visits from family and friends.

Red Rock view from our neighborhood.