Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thoughts on Faith....

Unbelief asks, “How can this be?” (Luke 1:18–20) Faith asks, “How shall this be?” (Luke 1:34–37)

  I go on not knowing—

  I would not if I might,
  I’d rather walk in the dark with God
  Than walk alone in the light;
  I’d rather walk by faith with Him
  Than to walk alone by sight.
                  —Helen Annis Casterline

Loss of My "Big Boy Biskit"

  After 14+ years of unconditional love, fun, joy, playtimes, kisses, and walks, Biskit, the wonder dog of my life, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday September 29th, 2014. We had enjoyed a perfect morning together. Went on our walk, played with his squeaky ball, rolled in the new grass, snoozed by my chair during lunch time, asked for his treat....and then something happened. He took a few unsteady steps, collapsed and died. 
  My heart breaks, and tears overcome me as I try to work through my grief. I tell myself, "he was just a dog"...but he was more than just a dog to me. His big fuzzy body kept me warm in bed at night, his rambunctious energy infused me to exercise with him, his never-ending love for his squeaky ball and toys brought me laughter and joy, his sloppy kisses made me feel loved, his sense of time keeping for his meals got me up at 5 a.m. each morning and 6 p.m. for supper, his gentle behavior and self-control  when hurting gave me respect for his "smartness", and his care for sister Cookie deepened my appreciation for his sweet nature. 
  Beside my pure love and enjoyment of Biskit, the  Lord used him to teach me SO many lessons over these years. Consistent discipline brings results and transformation, unconditional love, rebellion has consequences, perseverance through trials, enduring pain with self-control, patience for the things desired, and joy in all circumstances, just to name a few.

   I have a brain bank filled with 14 years of memories with my precious Biskit. I lay him to rest, not knowing how or if the Lord uses our animals in heaven. Regardless, my memories are eternal. I might not ever see Biskit again, but I am always able to turn to my treasure of special thoughts that are never ending. I am thankful the Lord gave me the perfect first dog and allowed me 14 years of devoted love to my furry four legged child, Big Boy Biskit". 

 Kisses and Hugs. 

13 Weeks. Taken the day I traveled to Georgia to pick him up. 

First Christmas

Kissing Santa

Time with Dad

The Rope 

In the tub

The Ball

Selling his kisses

The Pink Pig

The Tennis of hundreds

Snoozing in the afternoon

Helping with home improvements

Bluebonnets and the Red ball

Six weeks

10 weeks

Getting beautified


Bed head

With Grandma and Grandpa

Being silly

Day in the sun

Toy overload! 

Looking on...serious

Bluebonnets with mom

Travel in the car


The Family

Orange Ball

Dirty Boy

Looking Handsome