Saturday, June 8, 2013

Excitement and Anxiety...

New home! 

   After the disappointment of a deal gone bad concerning the home we wanted to purchase in Sedona a couple of months ago, we have finally moved on and are the "proud" owners of another, even more perfect, home in that Red Rock town. Smaller than our current home in Texas, we have to downsize and let go of a lot of furniture, but the new place has an abundance of outdoor living areas to enjoy and furnish. Mike and I have continued on the emotional roller many things to figure out, work out, get done. I have had to constantly be reminded to trust in the Lord and not my own strength which always falls short of satisfying. What began as a dream several years ago has reached momentum in becoming a reality. We have sold our home and moving day is less than three weeks away.
  In the meantime, I have retired from my job of 17 years, visited my family in Ohio for three weeks, spent time reading great books, visiting special friends, and of course organizing all the moving parts for this lifetime transition!