Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Letter 2014


   2014, our first full year of retirement in Sedona, has gone by quickly in many ways and yet it seems so long since our move from Texas.
  Much time has been spent  this year working on home projects, both inside and out. Mike relocated literally TONS of rock in our yard as part of his landscape transformation. Bushes, trees, flowers and GRASS have been planted that with time will grow and add greenery to the otherwise red rock that prevails. On the inside we added screen doors, built an entertainment center, and installed wood blinds on most windows.
   We had tons of fun with  friends and family that came to visit and look forward to sharing beautiful Sedona with others this coming year. Mike’s  Jeep allowed us to scout out new places and trails that we could never experience with our car. Each new hike becomes our favorite until the next one and I never tire of snapping photos of  our adventures. 
  I have gotten back in the habit of walking 2+ miles each day, helping me  shed some weight and enjoy the fantastic weather and scenery.
    The sad part of this year was losing our 14 year old dog Biskit who died suddenly in September. He was my first dog and very special. It will be awhile before Mike, Cookie and I stop missing him. A  “playboy” until the end, he brought laughter and fun into our lives each day.
   The three of us made a long cross country trip to Ohio this November and  had a great time with my family.  Thankfully, we left  just before the bad weather and snow hit. After covering the multitude of  miles in our small car, we arrived safely back in Sedona with tired butts and bodies.  Don’t think we will be repeating that trip in the near future!  It will be air travel next time with Cookie staying at the kennel.

   I have made some wonderful friends this year at work and church, but it will be some time before Sedona truly feels like home. Meanwhile, I thank the Lord for all His blessings...thru the good times and the hard stuff. He is good.
     Merry CHRISTmas !