Sunday, December 30, 2018

Christmas 2018

   2018 is almost over. This year was an emotional one marked with good times as well as an abundance of tears.
  The hard part was the sudden death of my brother-in-law Mark. He was diagnosed with cancer in early March and within 29 days passed away. He had turned 65 a few months earlier, not been ill, not had any symptoms, and was loving his retirement. Then gone. I spent many weeks in Ohio throughout the year helping my sister Debbie work thru her grief and all the “stuff” that takes place after the loss of a spouse.
    The good news of the year is that I retired completely from my pharmacy career at the end of December, 2017. It was time. Too many changes happening in the profession, so many new drugs, laws, regulations, insurance issues to keep up with. I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. 40 years was enough. The timing was perfect (although I didn’t realize it then) since I was free to go to Ohio and help my sister and family as long as needed. I have totally enjoyed retirement regrets.
    Mike loves retirement and has had a successful year with his lawn and landscape projects. Our yard resembles a small private park thanks to his labor of love. Exquisite!
    We both continue to enjoy hiking,  jeeping and living in Northern Arizona. Tons of  beautiful places to check out within a days drive of Sedona. We plan to do more “exploring” this coming year.
    I turned 65 this fall and am now a Medicare recipient. Hard to believe!
I am grateful that Mike and I are both pretty healthy, all things considered.
   As this  year winds down, I am reminded to embrace each day as if it may be my last one and to love the people that are in my life whether they are agreeable or not. Cookie, at 16+, is still my little senior bundle of joy.

    Thanking the Lord for a difficult but blessed year. 
             Have a Wonderful Christmas season!